One of the most important requirements for perfect makeup is naturalness and minimal time consuming. In this case, the ideal solution is a long-lasting makeup that is still mentioned with many misleading myths. So today we will try to demolish the five most favorite myths about permanent make up.

Myth No 1: permanent makeup is always vivid

Such a myth has been shaped by prevailing tendencies. Now, we are using the latest technologies that bring out the hues that customers want. Nowadays there are natural effects: for example, shading effect – for anthrax, watercolors – for lips. Of course, there are women who want bright eyebrows or lips. However, before such a decision, you need to carefully analyze yourself in the mirror and appreciate that is not decorative cosmetics that can be easily cleaned, but long-lasting makeup. This is the result of a consultation with permanent makeup specialist- it discusses in detail the expectations, the form, the technique, the most appropriate color and intensity.

Myth No 2: permanent makeup for everyone remains the same

Such an opinion is a complete myth. However, it depends on the type of client’s skin, the desired effect, and so on. For example, classical darts made in the eyelid area can last for 8 years, while eyebrows on oily, porous skin can last 1.5 or less, the dry skin owners may have to return only after 2 years. In that case, the most important thing is not to be afraid to speak to your permanent makeup specialist, come for correction or renewal – this will ensure the best result.

Myth No 3: permanent makeup is painful

This is another myth. However, the procedure for the first time, it will certainly be unusual. But do not be afraid of it, because its duration is about 2-3 hours.

Of course, it’s much depends on the sensitivity of the skin of the client, but the experience of the chosen specialist also influences. By the way, currently, in general, such techniques are used that allow customers to snooze during the procedure, regardless of the chosen area of the face: lips, eyebrows, eyebrows – that is painless.

Myth No 4: permanent makeup, micropigmentation – this is different techniques 

The promotion also takes place in the terminology game: the services offered are termed permanent, permanent contouring, micropigmentation or tattooing. It attempts to give the impression that this is a different effect-generating procedure. For example, the 6D eyebrows really sounds impressive, but does the specialist suggesting this service differ from other hair technicians? After all, the same result – the development of hairs in the skin. But this is simply myth – all these concepts are synonyms of permanent makeup. Be especially careful when choosing a specialist not the newly discovered terms.

Myth No 5: microblading is better than permanent makeup

The main thing that microblading is different from the usual permanent makeup is that the eyebrow adjustment is performed using a ballpoint-like tool with a needle consisting of a plurality of thin needles (6/12/18 …), so the hinges are extremely thin. However, women who have chosen this procedure can hear that after some time eyebrows lose shape, they are unevenly flushed. This manual technique does not fit in because it suits most ideally for women in the Asian region, while women in our country have a light, oily and cold skin.