Can be done only on the surface of the skin

The Semi – Permanent skin toning procedure is a healing, cleansing, leveling facial skin color. It is intended for those whose skin has scar tissue, pigmented spots, acne.

Deiva warns that BB Glow procedure is not an intervention procedure, and if someone does it exactly, do not expect good results. This procedure is performed using a special serum tailored to the skin, as well as a special device for applying this serum to the facial skin. Many people think that this is done with a needle machine, but they are wrong. Considering that serum is allowed, many people are afraid of this procedure because the serum contains titanium oxide that persists in the skin. It is for this reason that the serum can not be allowed, the whole procedure is performed only on the skin surface. It’s true that Youtube or Instagram can see how this procedure is performed using the needles – unfortunately, it does not really work, and after a few years it would have to exacerbate the consequences.



Appeared in Korea, popular in Europe


An hour-long procedure consists of more parts: a special gel, foam, serum is used, depending on the human skin problem, then the main serum and the procedure ends with the mask. Regardless of where the spot is, the scars, the procedure is performed on the whole face, except under eye area.

BB Glow skin toning procedure came from Korea, where it has been promoting for a couple of years already. For Korean people, facial skin is everything, so they makes a lot of effort to make it look brighter. Now this procedure is also popular in Europe.


What are the positive and potential negative effects?


After these treatments, the skin looks smoother, healthier, naturally changes skin shade and looks like a powder coating. The effect is visible after the first procedure ! How many treatments will be required depends on the condition of each skin, but it can be done mostly four times in four months. We recommend make correction every six months. What are the possible negative consequences of this procedure? If the procedure is done using needles. If done on the surface, as it is, it is very doubtful that there could be any contraindications.


It’s better to do it in the cold season…


It’s better to do this procedure in the cold season, but the sun does not have much influence on this procedure either. Just a week after it is recommended to avoid sunbathing. However after facial treatments like acidic ones, are best performed in cold weather when the sun is less. After the BB Glow procedure, you do not need to run at home. The face, according to the clients comments after procedure are little bit red, but the redness blurred in a couple of hours. Initially, it is suggested to use special products – a restorative (to regenerate the skin) and a nourishing cream (sometimes the face after procedure is scrubbing), then a person can use the usual facial skin care products. We worn you: if acid is used after the procedure, the effect will disappear faster.